Detailing and Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning the Engine Bay
When you are at a car show, the last thing you want to show off is a bunch of grime. Unfortunately, the engine bay can be the coolest, yet most disgusting part of your car. Here's some tips for shining it up!
Removing wax residue from trim pieces
After waxing, the textured black trim will often retain some dried wax. This gives the trim a white, powdery appearance that is far from desireable. We discuss how to remove this residue.
Clean and dress wheel wells
One of the few overlooked areas of a car when doing a detail or exterior car cleaning is the wheel well section. Before you do any of your brightwork, consider taking care of this first. Who knows, it may be the difference between getting first prize, or an honorable mention at the next car show.
Washing your car: Hose and Bucket style
If you have access to a garden hose, you can easily get your car squeaky clean without going to the car wash. Matter of fact, this method usually results in the cleanest car wash you can get!
Using Microfiber Cloths
In the last few years microfiber has burst onto the auto-detailing scene. Almost overnight microfiber has changed the way people look at car care. However, with any instantly popular product there are a lot of myths, half truths, and flat out lies. In this guide, Pzev (from the forums) will answer a few basic questions about Microfiber, and explain its proper uses.
Washing: Two-bucket Method & Proper Drying
Did you know that almost all of the visible swirl marks on a carís painted surface are from improperly washing and drying your vehicle? That is indeed the truth; the main culprit of those unsightly swirl marks and light scratches is routine washings. The best way to stop developing new swirls (or avoid them altogether) is to adopt a safer washing regime. This guide, put together by Pzev (from the forums) will describe washing your vehicle using the two-bucket method. This method has been proven to reduce the amount of swirls left on your vehicles finish after each wash.
Make your own tint-safe window cleaner solution
You know the routine, go to the parts store, look for window cleaner that is safe on tinted windows, but what do you purchase? There are tons of brands out there, but which one works the best?

Truth: All of them.

Why spend $4 - $6 for some window cleaning solution when you can make your own from readily available supplies around the house? Dentless Dave (zetecgt on Focaljet) shows us how!