Interior Hacks

Instrument Cluster Swap
Ever wanted to add a tachometer to your Focus that doesn't have one? This mod will tell you how to swap out for a instrument cluster
Indiglo Gauges
Ever wanted to replace the stock look of your instrument cluster? This how-to tells you what you need and how to go about doing it.
Removal of vent pieces
This how-to tells you how to properly remove the side and main vent pieces, you can finally get that lost change outta there!
Removing the Glove Compartment
Most usefull when retrieving lost or dropped wallets, unless you prefer the open space you will gain.
Adding Variable Intermittent Wiper Functionality
Simply put: Intermittent Wipers ROCK! And my trusty ZX3 did not come with this feature. For the price of a replacement wiper switch, do it yourself!
LED illumination for HVAC vents
Adding LED illumination to your car's HVAC vents adds a unique flare at night. You can accent your existing color theme, or just add a custom look to the interior when the sun goes down. Majikal from the forums shows us how it's done!
Removing Manual Window Crank
This is usually only done if you want to install aftermarket power windows or if you are taking your door apart for servicing or replacing speakers, yet it's still the hardest part of taking apart the door!
IndiGLO odometer hack
So you have IndiGLO Gauges... And you think the incandescent light through a green plastic piece makes your odometer look out of place? Here's a way to make it REALLY IndiGLO like the rest of your cluster!
Instrument cluster light bulb replacement
As some foci get older, lights in the instrument cluster may start to burn out. The odometer bulb is the most obvious, but other bulb burning out will appear as darker areas on the gauge face as well.
MkIII Dome Light disable
The new Focus' dome light isn't controlled by a physical switch. Looking in the manual, there's no apparent way to disable it. There's a sneaky trick to it.
MkIII Focus Steering Wheel Trim problem
The MkIII Steering wheel trim has been known to crack and peel, leaving behind a sharp-feeling and sometimes-visible artefact behind.